1. What is OUPP?

OUPP is a licenced Pathway Program Provider and programs are being offered by ATHE UK and OTHM UK which provides credits transfer facility to the students. Through this program, a student can study partial education in the home country in their own city face to face or online. After completion of partial education, they can complete the remaining of the education overseas with the Partner Universities/Institutions from countries around the globe associated with OUPP.


2. What programs are going to be offered by OUPP?

In the field of Business and Management, Computing, IT, Hospitality Management, Project Management, and Health & social care at bachelor or masters level from level 3 to level 7.


3. What is level 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7?

Level 3 is equivalent to std 12th (high school) pass

Level 4 is equivalent to a 1st-year bachelor's degree

Level 5 is equivalent to a 2nd-year bachelor's degree

Level 6 is equivalent to 3rd and last year bachelor's degree

Level 7 is equivalent to the pre-master of the UK

Level 7 extended diploma is equivalent to PG Diploma (2 semesters of UK)/ year 1 of the master


4. What is a credit transfer?

It is legal recognition and acceptance of part of the study completed with one organisation of the home country to carry forward rest of the education at other institution, college, a university in other countries of the world.


5. What are the key features of OUPP?

  1. British Qualifications.

  2. Credit transfer programs.

  3. Program running online / offline/ blended.

  4. Recognized and accepted by leading countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Europe.

  5. One program for Universities / Institutes/colleges around the globe.


6. What are the benefits of studying at OUPP?

  1. OUPP has credits transfer programs in many fields

  2. Huge cost saving

  3. Receive International qualification

  4. Important time saving

  5. Flexible entry criteria (For example.- 10+3 diploma holder + 3-year experience can direct entry into the master program.)

  6. Flexible learning facilities- anytime, anywhere with online options

  7. Excellent support services

  8. Complete admission to visa assistance by experienced Team of OUPP

  9. Access to top-ranked Universities/Institutes all around the world

  10. Unique shortage category listed  & PR -oriented  foreign degrees

  11. Get enough time and support to increase your personality skills (English and personality)

  12. Support services – Accommodation arrangements

  13. As you will be already studying the International qualification education system, you will have better chances of competing for remaining education overseas without any Hassel / backlogs

  14. The first part of the International studies can be studied under their parent’s supervision in the home country and without the tension of working part-time during the study to help achieve good grades

  15. Flexible Delivery and Assessment—OUPP is committed to adopting flexible delivery & assessment methods for training students for dynamic global jobs

  16. Assignment based education - Thus student never fails to complete the education


7. How does OUPP lead to foreign study/degree?

On successful completion of OUPP certificate, a student will get study exemption in various degrees offered by OUPP partner institutions.


Year 1

OUPP Program

Duration 10 months

Level 4 Diploma Program (Equivalent to 1st year of bachelor's degree)

Year 2 & 3

Overseas University Admission 

Duration 2 years

Bachelor Degree – UK, Australia, NZ, Europe

Students can start working part-time from the 2nd year and Post Study Work Visa is granted for 2/3/4 years on completion of the course as per the selected country


Year 1 & 2

OUPP Program

Duration 15 months

Level 4 & 5 Diploma Program (Equivalent to 1st and 2nd year of bachelor's degree)

Year 3

Overseas University Admission

Duration 1 year’s

Level 6 Bachelor's Degree (Final Year) – UK, Europe, AUS, NZ, IRE

Students can start working part-time from the 2nd year and Post Study Work Visa is granted for two years on completion of the course.


Year 3 & 4

Overseas University Admission

Duration 2 year’s

Level 6 Bachelor's Degree (Final Year) – Canada / USA


8. Is credit transfer applicable in the UK only as a diploma is a British diploma?

This is a global program, which is accepted all over world countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, Ireland and other European countries like Malta, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, France as well as Dubai, Mauritius, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, etc. but our prime focus is English speaking countries only as it provides the safest and the most amazing possibilities of gaining quality education with a possibility of PR (Permanent settlement).


9. Do I need to pay extra at the time of visa filing?

The students need to pay Visa fees to respective countries’ high commission as well as pay for health insurance wherever applicable

10. What are the support services in overseas?

All the foreign universities abroad have overseas student support cell to assist their enrolled students with requirements such as bank account opening, accommodation guidance, and other requirements


11. What will I study local OUPP centre?

You will study the 12th / 1st year / 2nd year / 3rd-year curriculum of the Bachelor's program and pre-masters/ PG Diploma (1st year of master) programmes. Apart from this, you will be put through extensive English coaching and aptitude-building courses.


12. How many hours do I need to study?

Between 16 to 30 hours per week including time in the library/e-library/assignments.


13. Will my education be at par with their batch mates overseas?

Absolutely! All OUPP students will be completely at par with their batch mates in any part of the world. They will directly join in the second year/ 3rd year/masters/masters top-up ( 6 months). Many students in the home country study partial education in local colleges and join universities in final year only to save tuition fee cost and hostel cost.

14. Can a student change his/her subjects arriving at overseas universities? If yes, what is the procedure?

The student may be able to change course with lesser credit transfers depending upon the course he/she has opted for. If, the new opted course is similar to course uncompleted in the home county, otherwise, he/ she have to start all over again. The student has to consult an OUPP course coordinator for the same.


15. Can an average student can cope with higher studies at Overseas?

OUPP prepares the students in Overseas Education System, and hence, an OUPP student is quite comfortable with higher studies in any country of the world. Also, the assignment based education system is very interactive and practical which helps an average student to easily cope with the same, but, they need to be focused on their studies and keep on improvising their English language skills


16. What are the methods adopted to improve the English language of weak students other than preparation for IELTS?

All students will be enrolled on international online IELTS coaching platform valid for 1 year which can be accessed from anywhere anytime and also taught by OUPP as an additional subject with emphasis is laid on improving the Basic English skills, communication skills, group discussions in addition to IELTS coaching.


17. What more preparation/training a student should undergo before going Overseas?

OUPP will look forward to their enrolled students to sharpen their knowledge of English language skills. Also, students are advised to communicate in the English language as much as possible with friends and at the workplace without any hesitation. Also, the student should undertake additional assignments outside their study area to get acquainted with assignment based study system and help them to keep away from plagiarism while submitting assignments during their actual study overseas.


18. What is the Fee structure?

Complete course fees for Certificate of Advanced Business Management/Certificate of Advanced Computing are:

Rs. 1, 20,000/- plus taxes (12th / 1st /2nd yr of bachelor’s degree and Pre Masters)

Rs. 1, 80,000/- plus taxes (3rd year PG Diploma)

Scholarship 50% on all levels for the students enrolled between Jan ‘21 to Dec ’21

Additional 25% for students enrolled to pre-master for online education & GBP 148 to 184 to ATHE UK for a certificate of an award

19. Can students pay fees in instalments?

Yes there are instalment plans available with OUPP, details are given on the website https://www.oupp.uk/fees-structure


20. Is there tie-up with a bank or banks for educational loans?

Most of the banks offer education loans or mortgage loans for the purpose of foreign education based on fulfilling banks parameters like clear Cibil report, mortgagee property and guarantees income. Loan up to 7.5 lacs without mortgage of the property. OUPP promoter CAPRI OVERSEAS can assist every student to apply for these loans.


21. Is there any scholarship available?

Scholarship 50% on all levels for the students enrolled between Jan ‘21 to Dec ’21

Additional 25% for students enrolled to pre-master for online education.


22. What is the authenticity of OUPP education program – Are degree are obtained vide pathway programs recognized in India?

OUPP is an approved authorised centre of ATHE UK. The certificate for the same is uploaded on the website oupp.uk

ATHE UK (Award for Training & Higher Education) regulated by Ofqual and the other UK and international regulators. ATHE works with 200+ recognized centres in over 45 countries to complement its strong brand presence in the UK. Their awards (Diplomas) are accepted by top leading universities and colleges all over the world.

Students / Parents are advised to find about progression countries and universities on https://www.athe.co.uk/progression-routes.

23. What are the requirements of documents for visa filing?

All most countries asked for the following documents at the time of student visa filing

  1. Passport

  2. Academics Documents/ Last academic documents

  3. Visa letter (CAS for Uk, i20 for the USA, Coe for Australia,….. for Canada, visa letter for Europe)


  5. Funds

  6. Savings Account or Fixed Deposit from acceptable Financial banks (For savings Account: at least 3 months bank statement, For Fixed Deposits: Fixed Deposit copy & education loan sanction letter) for the UK, AUS, IRE, Europe and USA


Affidavit of support (if funds in parents account and birth certificate)

Note: There are many other documents that need to be prepared for visa filling. The details would be shared by the CAPRI OVERSEAS Visa Department when the need arises.


24. What kind of job will get overseas?

Most easily available part-time jobs overseas in all countries are at Coffee shops such as Coasta, STARBUCKS, Caffe Nero, Veteran, Blue Bottle Coffee, The cupping room, Monday’s coffee room, food joints such as Mc - Donald’s, Hungry Jacks, and Domino's Pizza, Pizza Hut, Smokin' Joe's, etc. and supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Morrison’s, M & S, Iceland, etc. And Retail such as big brand stores Levis, Zara, Lee, Denim, Wrangler and 24 Hours outlets such as 7 Eleven, Shell, BP, Caltex, etc. & telemarketing, direct marketing, computer-related jobs as well as working in call centres which are highly paid office job.

25. In which countries I Will be eligible for permanent residency after the study?

UK – based on the point-based program – 70 points mainly based on employer job title, salary, and IELTS score of B1 level i.e. 4,4,4,4


CANADA- based on the point-based program – express entry 464 points or PNP based on 60/ 70 points. Mainly based on age, education level, English proficiency, work experience, Canadian study, and Canadian work experience. IELTS minimum 5,5,5,5


AUSTRALIA- based on the point-based program – 70 points. Mainly based on age, education level, English proficiency, work experience. Australian study and Australian work experience and regional points. IELTS minimum 6,6,6,6


EUROPE- Employment-based settlement system after education is completed, Student gets PSW visa for a 1 year or a 2 year then he/she has to apply for 3 years WP, repeat 3 years WP then apply for PR with local language score B1 level 4,4,4,4

USA- Employment based settlement system after education is completed, Student gets OPT visa for a 1 year + 2 years ( STEM field )then he/she has to apply for 3 years WP-H1 visa, repeat 3 year WP-H1 visa then apply for GREEN CARD(PR) without any language test.


26. Can my spouse and children join me when I go for overseas study?

Yes, spouses and children can join in certain countries only.

UK - only for Master courses ( level 7)

USA - Bachelor, and Masters

CANADA - PG Diploma and Masters

AUSTRALIA - Bachelor, and Masters

EUROPE – only Sweden Masters

NZ- only Masters





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